My Email dated 2008/07/04 to the WHO

( See also the "WHO handbook on Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields" (different languages available) , which shows, that efforts are big to pretend to the EMF only being a risk communication problem. )

Hello Mr. N.N.,

I would like to suggest an update of the following page dated 12/2005:

Have you already realized, that this text sounds like having been formulated by the mobile and wireless industry itself?

It serves as a justification for all governments and the industry to suspect electrosensible persons as having a personal psychological problem. This is a violation of their integrity - and the EM radiation is in reality an intellectual violation, concerning more and more people.

Read a copy of my email dated 2008/07/02 to some of the European Commissioners:

( I am also thinking about a petition concerning the right to a radiation-free environment as far as possible for everyone, in the living- and working area and in public. )


Aurelia Osei-Bonsu
Marchlewskistr. 94
D-10243 Berlin
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EU Commission - Health and Consumers - Mrs. Meglena Kuneva,
EU Commission - Environment - Mr. Stavros Dimas,
EU Commission - Information Society and Media - Mrs. Viviane Reding,
EU Commission - Human Rights - Mr. Vladimir Spidla.


Environment / Radiation Protection / Electromagnetic Radiation, Microwaves / WLAN, DECT, Wimax, big TV-Sets etc.
Health / Precaution Principle
Consumer and Non-Consumer Protection / Wireless and other radiating devices
Human Rights / to be unharmed, healthy, participate, antidiscrimination
Industry / Product Security / Wireless and other radiating devices
Import / Product Security / Wireless and other radiating devices

Prohibition of wireless and strong radiating devices in apartment buildings and in the working area.

Dear Commissioners,

Some facts:

The majority of the people, who are fighting against the wireless politics and business since many years are high educated, come from working areas where they have collected much experience in the widest sense with electromagnetic radiation (engineers, scientists, physicians, ...) and the most of them are not electrosensitive themselves. Only a minority is electrosensible - and this is independent from age or fitness. The electrosensible ones, who are higher educated and at the same time have got a view through the whole thing, are expressing themselves in the media, but they are very few. I belong to them, after having collected information for one year.

What the experts knew before was, that microwaves are dangerous for the environment, animals and humans. What they know now is, that microwaves are more dangerous than they ever thought for the environment, animals and humans.

Me, I am a communication designer. So I have the ability to see through the communication strategy of the governments all over the world and the wireless business as a manipulation and desinformation strategy to achieve as high profit as possible - without taking care of the health of the whole environment and the humans.

The threshold values are a trick by the business to be able to communicate, that the real values are much lower, to divert from the fact that there does not exist a value which is not dangerous.

There has been developped a communication strategy towards the concerned persons and their physicians or the physicians working for social security systems by suspecting the concerned persons of having a psychological problem as real cause of their symptoms. The communication aim is to destroy their credibility.

This is a violation of their integrity.

There is also an intellectual violation happening, for example
- if a pregnant woman uses her cellphone or DECT-telephone - for her and the unborn child,
- if someone suffers under the radiation from DECT, WLAN or big TV-sets from his neighbours in an apartment building or in the working area or university.

For electromagnetic-hypersensitive people it is more than only an intellectual violation. They cannot find any place without radiation any longer, where they could feel healthy.

But the radiation is dangerous for all people - those who can perceive it and those who cannot perceive it.

I want to recommend to you my personal website about the situation of electrosensible persons in Germany and Europe with links, information, case examples, activities and findings:

partly in English, partly in German. The English page is at the same time a summary.

I want to apply for a prohibition of wireless devices and strong radiating devices like big TV-sets in apartment buildings and the working area from 2009. Nobody needs them. It is only a fashion - a dangerous fashion - and a big business.

The government in Germany sold the health of all people in Germany to the wireless industry and business. In other European countries it is similar.

The compensations for personal suffering which should be paid now are lower than they will be in future.

The industry only needs to change from wireless to wired devices. That is all.

With kind regards,

Aurelia Osei-Bonsu

EM radiation is intellectual violation.

Links concerning Electrosmog und Electrohypersensibility